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Elanders’ IT Asset Value Recovery Service helps our customers optimise their environmental impact and regulatory compliance, as well as financial results.

Our global supply chain infrastructure enables us to make sure our customers products are handled in a secure and environmentally-friendly way all around the world. Our IT Asset Value Recovery Service covers all parts of the return process, from collection, inspection and testing, to securely removing all data associated with each individual device, potential refurbishment and re-selling of the recovered assets.

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5 Simple Steps

Contact us today with your details and one of our professional advisors will be in touch to estimate the true value of your assets. We use real-time data from hundreds of sources to give you the best and most up-to-date value estimate for your assets. This means you get the best price, guaranteed.

We can recover and recycle assets in all conditions, but a quick inspection allows us to determine a final value for your assets. If you provide accurate information initially about the condition of your assets, then our estimate rarely differs from our final value offer. Usually, our valuation is up to 33% higher than our competitors – so you get the best price for your equipment.

We take care of all the hard work. Whether you are based from one location or multiple across the country, our team can coordinate the seamless collection of your IT assets. All you have to do is organise access, and our team can take care of the rest.

Our team are well-versed when it comes to GDPR compliance, and know exactly how to securely wipe the data from all of your used devices. This again means you don’t have the headache of wiping each and every old device you have lying around. Our team will take care of this for you and you will be able to view wiping certificates for each device in real-time.

Once all devices have been collected, wiped and recycled, you will receive a final balance in your bank. You will also be given information about the carbon footprint saved by choosing Elanders to dispose of or recycle your IT assets.

Why choose Elanders?

  • Best price paid for your equipment
  • Securely dispose of your IT assets
  • GDPR compliant device wiping
  • Data centres, servers, tablets, mobiles and desk phones accepted
  • All conditions accepted
  • Quick payment into your account
  • Free asset valuation
  • Achieve 30% more for your assets on average vs. competitors
  • We properly recycle every item to reduce your carbon footprint

Elanders IT Asset Value Recovery Services include;

  • Global solution for on-site pick up of IT assets where data wiping can be done either at Elanders’ logistics centers or on-site withthe customer
  • Inspection and testing services to assure the correct disposition process is deployed
  • Complete product refurbishment for the recovery of assets that can be returned to inventory for sale or secondary use
  • Complete compliance with all regulations regarding legal requirements for ultimate disposition, re-sale or disposal
  • Wiping certificate for each device
  • Environmental impact reports
  • Repair and recycling of products

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