About Elanders

Elanders’ IT Asset Value Recovery Service helps our customers optimise their environmental impact and regulatory compliance, as well as financial results.

Our global supply chain infrastructure enables us to make sure our customers products are handled in a secure and environmentally-friendly way all around the world. Our IT Asset Value Recovery Service covers all parts of the return process, from collection, inspection and testing, to securely removing all data associated with each individual device, potential refurbishment and re-selling of the recovered assets.

GDPR Compliant

As a business integral to many of our clients’ supply chains, we pride ourselves on our GDPR compliance. This means that when you choose us to recover and recycle your IT assets, you can be sure that data will be securely wiped from each device.

Sustainability Conscious

Our clients also choose us for their printing and equipment recovery solutions as we are an eco-conscious business. That means that our printing and recycling of all supply chain materials and technological assets is done in an ecologically friendly manner.

Valued Partner

We are considered to be both a valued and valuable partner to our clients. That means we offer them an exceptional service, but also a competitive price for our services. It is because of this approach, that we have been working with many of our clients for decades.

Our clients

Our clients include businesses across all industries and of all sizes. From start-ups to global enterprises, our services are tailored to suit the ambitions of your business.








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Why choose Elanders?

Our Vision

Elanders’ vision is to be one of the leading companies in the world with global solutions in supply chain, print & packaging, e-commerce and IT asset recovery management. By leading, we do not necessarily mean largest. We mean to be the company that best meets customer demands on efficiency and delivery ability.

Our Mission

Delivering world class customer service across supply chain, print & packaging and e-commerce. Encouraging innovation and creativity whilst continuously improving processes and people, to add value for our clients.

Our Values

Elanders’ core values Effective, Innovative and Responsible are a natural part of our daily work.

By Effective we mean being able to offer uniform and automated processes throughout the entire production chain from order and execution to invoicing.

By Innovative we mean continuous development of our technology so that it suits each customer’s unique requirements. We readily take on the challenge of solving our customers’ different problems, by acting as pioneers – providing innovative solutions and offers.

By Responsible we mean that we always put the environment and customers’ needs first.

The reason Elanders today can be found in 17 countries on four continents is because Elanders followed its customers out into the world in order to meet their specific needs on location in these countries.

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