Uncover your IT assets hidden value.

Streamline the process of returning and re-selling your used IT equipment with Elanders’ premier, secure IT Asset Value Recovery service.

Higher yields

Optimise your financial results with our unique asset valuation system that ensures you get the best possible price for your used IT equipment.


Market prices, reseller offers, CO2e savings and wiping certificates available in real-time, around-the-clock.


Chain of custody and inventory controls. Regulatory compliant data wiping that ensures your data is disposed of correctly.

How It Works

The process of recovering value on your used IT equipment with Elanders’ innovative solution couldn’t be simpler. Our IT Asset Value Recovery service covers all parts of the returns process, from collection, inspection and testing, to securely removing all data associated with each individual device, potential refurbishment and re-selling your recovered assets to drive value for you.

1. Transparent Asset Valuation

Unique asset valuation software is used to scan multiple online marketplaces to get the most accurate, current market value of the IT equipment that you wish to recover and sell. By benchmarking your IT assets to find the best price for you, we can ensure you will receive the true value of your products.

2. Highest Sales Price

After assessing the value of your IT assets, we will then trigger an auction process that advertises your products to our certified network of used IT equipment buyers and requests quotations. This process makes sure that you get the actual market price for the assets you’re selling.

3. Data wiping, Transportation & Logistics

Upon your acceptance of the offer Elanders will coordinate the sale by picking up your assets, securely removing all data associated with each device to ensure no breaches can occur when the item is sold and the goods are then safely transported to the buyer.

Helpful FAQ

Which IT assets can we sell on the secondary market?

Elanders coordinates the sale of desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile phones, monitors, tablets, printers, servers and some hard drives.

How does the asset valuation work?

Elanders uses a unique asset valuation platform that does an extensive scan of prices across online marketplaces to find the true market value of your used IT equipment. We then collate the data from the various marketplaces to conduct an assessment on what is the most appropriate price point for your individual goods. The output of this data is an informed price report that is presented to you in order to give you a sense of the revenue you’re likely to achieve for your assets.

How does Elanders ensure that all data is wiped from the IT equipment?

We use a highly-secure, trusted wiping software that completely eradicates all signs of use on any device, removing all files, documents, data and software and dispose of this correctly so that it can never be restored. This ensures the buyer of the equipment receives a device that is like new, and you don’t need to worry about any data breaches or compromisation as your old data is completely inaccessible following this process.

How does Elanders ensure secure transportation of our IT assets?

We work with a security-certified network of reputable transportation and logistics partners that are world-renowned and highly trusted across the globe. This ensures that your IT assets remain completely secure from the moment they’re picked up from yourself, to the moment they reach the point of delivery with the buyer.